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Moda Operandi,New York/纽约


A privately-held online luxury fashion retailer that allows its members to pre-order upcoming fashion items.

Branding & Identity/品牌识别: Logo (*Preview as PNG format/预览文件为PNG格式*) Vector File/矢量文件: Currently Not Available/暂无提供 Branding & Identity/品牌识别:
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Year Founded/成立年份:2011

Headquarter/总部:New York, US


Ships from/发货点:U.S & U.K/美国、英国


Not available/暂无

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Moda Operandi 是 Lauren Santo Domingo 和好朋友人 Áslaug Magnúsdóttir 合开的新型 online shopping boutique 。听起來很普通的样子吗?不,这个网站不但标榜只有会员才可以购买的制度(members only) ,而且还强调明天的衣服今天买这一概念(Tomorrow’s Fashion Today),商品都是当季T台上刚刚展示的衣服!所以网站的销售销售方式以提前预定为主,即从你当日下订单开始,你要耐心等待6个月左右的时间你才可以 拿到货品。

支付方式也不一样,下订单当天需要支付货款的50%,当货品准备就绪要快递时你要支付剩下的50%货款以及运费和相应的关税。Moda Operandi 提供很多种快递途径,你可以选择任何一种可以到达中国的快递公司。如果你今天看秀有自己喜欢的商品,你可以立即登入该网站购买,但价格却非常高昂。(

If you’re the kind of person who looks at runway slideshows during Fashion Week and thinks, If only I could order those clothes now with a 50 percent down payment and get them mailed to me in four to five months — hopefully Blake Lively hasn’t worn them all by then, then Lauren Santo Domingo’s new online venture is just for you. She partnered with ex–Gilt Grouper Aslaug Magnusdottir on the site Moda Operandi, which will launch in February during New York Fashion Week and will function as a virtual trunk show. In physical trunk shows, rich ladies who get invited to or hear about these events can go schmooze with a designer and order pieces directly from them before all the plebeians (who don’t lunch) see them in stores. On Moda Operandi, designers will put clothes up for purchase within 48 hours of their runway shows, which members can order with a 50 percent deposit for delivery in around four months. They can return the clothes if they find them unsatisfactory. So it’s like Net-a-Porter with the instant gratification of spending money, and no instant gratification in wearing the clothes.(NYmag)

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